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Geospatial Standards and Specifications Project

20 July 2022 | Dubai, UAE

The project is concerned with setting and preparing geospatial standards and specifications for data collection operations through aerial photography and its outputs - remote sensing and artificial intelligence – digitization of geospatial vector data from various remote sensing and photogrammetric product. It is also concerned with preparing and setting standards and specifications for data distribution and networked geospatial services. It also includes setting policies for data collection and processing, geospatial data quality assurance policy, and quality audits that aim to produce and provide high-quality and accurate networked geospatial data and services governed by the approved data distribution policy, in addition to raising the center’s geospatial maturity rate based on the latest international standards.​
Project Manager

Maryam Ahmed Thani Altayer

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23 January 2023

3D Infrastructure and Service Lines Map project
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