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The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center in Dubai Municipality was established in 2001, based on the requirements for unifying and integrating geographic information in the Emirate of Dubai. The center is one of the departments of Dubai Municipality, and its organizational structure consists of four main divisions: the Geospatial Information Section, the Geospatial Systems Section, the Infrastructure and Geospatial Intelligence Section, and the Geospatial Services Section. The Geospatial Information Section is responsible for managing, analyzing, updating, and providing maps and geospatial information. The Systems Section is responsible for preparing and developing the necessary geospatial systems and solutions. The Infrastructure and Geospatial Intelligence Section manages the GIS data center and installs geospatial applications and systems. The Services Section provides geospatial services to beneficiaries and receives all their requests and reports concerning geospatial services based on the center's regulations. The center has started building a unified electronic central unit that allows partners to access and obtain geospatial services and maps of the Emirate of Dubai, which is considered an important part of developing a comprehensive and sustainable technical geospatial infrastructure.