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3D LIDAR Scanning of Dubai buildings & landmarks

08 May 2020 | Dubai, UAE

The GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Center in Dubai Municipality accomplished a great effort in the recent period, despite the exceptional circumstances, by scanning all the landmarks and buildings of the emirate in record time and also linked them to smart systems that are transferred to the main database smoothly and quickly.

The filming process was completed during the month of April by Dubai Municipality's Geospatial Scanning Vehicle, which is an integrated solution for collecting geospatial data that is installed on the roof of the car to perform field surveying using a high-resolution laser scanner, and satellite positioning devices (GPS), in addition to a set of 360 degree panoramic cameras, to produce 3D data with high accuracy for all landmarks of the emirate accurately. The data is collected while the car is traveling at a speed of 80 km per hour and then it is processed to produce an integrated digital model.

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