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DubaiHere-phase 2

28 June 2022 | Dubai, UAE

DubaiHere system achieved a remarkable success in the first half of 2022, as the number of registered users reached 1108 from 35 strategic partners. In addition, 88 specialized systems were created for each of the strategic partners and Municipality departments to present the required data according to their preferences and needs. DubaiHere system displays more than 523 layers of geospatial data in a single platform, such as 3D building data and Makani for units data which facilitates data access and reduces time.
The GIS Center has recently expanded the scope of panorama projects in the second phase of DubaiHere project to include interior panoramic imageries of government buildings, exhibitions and public parks. Moreover, the feature of selecting basemaps has also been added, in addition to Dubai Aerial Imagery 2021, so that the system includes 21 tools that improve the mechanism of data extraction and its presentation by 40% over the previous systems.
DubaiHere system works on a web browser or portable smart devices and includes 2D and 3D maps that contain all assets, landmarks, infrastructure, facilities, buildings, units, service networks, economic activity information, environmental, health and population information of Dubai.
The system is considered one of the most important geospatial solutions for the comprehensive database of the Emirate of Dubai that supports the objectives of Dubai Urban Plan 2040, and contributes to provide smart and distinguished government services, improve the quality of life, and support the Municipality's vision of achieving global leadership. ​
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