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Al-Hajri inspects the "Update of the Base Map and Inventory of Geospatial Government Assets" project

21 June 2022 | Dubai, UAE

HE Eng. Dawoud Al Hajri, Director-General of Dubai Municipality visited the GIS Center, to overview the "Update of the Base Map and Inventory of Geospatial Government Assets" project" after the project team has successfully completed the project phases in accordance with international best practices. During the visit, HE reviewed the 3D Plura View stereo device where the technology used in it measures natural and human features such as water bodies, buildings, roads and bridges and converts them into a 3D model to be fed into geospatial databases, and then shared with the geospatial community in the Emirate of Dubai. Al Hajri was also briefed on various outputs of the project, which included the geospatial assets of RTA and DEWA, where a field survey was conducted to verify these assets and then update the geospatial database of these assets. In addition to extracting data for the digital terrain model (DTM) and the digital surface model DSM for the Emirate of Dubai, which plays an important role in the field of surveying and planning. Finally, using aerial imageries to apply geospatial artificial intelligence technology that helps in automating the extraction of various geospatial data. ​
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