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GeoHub Accreditation

10 May 2022 | Dubai, UAE

The Geospatial Business and Innovation Incubator is concerned with supporting the projects of university students and entrepreneurs in the geospatial field, in addition to Municipal and Engineering operations. GeoHub is the first applied business incubator specializing in geospatial research, development, and innovation. During the delegation visit, the two main sections of GeoHub were overviewed. The Geospatial Business Incubator; is mainly concerned with supporting geospatial initiatives and projects technically and administratively, developing the skills of its entrepreneurs, and linking their projects with the concerned authorities. The second section is the Geospatial Innovation Incubator; which is concerned with attracting ideas and creative talents from students and researchers in the Geospatial field. The incubator aims to link innovation with applied projects and pioneering work based on scientific research and exploratory studies and to consolidate partnerships with academic institutions and investment companies to build an effective communication network that enhances the culture of GIS and raises the level of geospatial awareness in the emirate.​​​
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