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Dubai Municipality adopts geospatial data in support of UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030

17 August 2020 | Dubai, UAE

The Geographic Information System's Center (GISC) in Dubai Municipality has adopted the geospatial data in support of Dubai's Government strategy to the fully digital transition, through the comprehensive geospatial system of the Emirate- "Dubai Here'', in order to provide the finest and best services under the approved innovative global standards in different fields. Adherence with the Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) themes, it contributes to achieving integration between global data with the Emirate's data, which enhances the availability of sustainable development requirements at all levels. The GIS Centre is considered the first center in the region in terms of the compatibility of its geospatial data with global data, which constitutes a shift in the field of using the international standards issued by the ISO, taking into account local requirements. ​
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